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Originally Posted by Rafaël View Post
Hey Yves, and other TdM lovers,

Since you like the colors, here's some more especially for you ;-)

The connaisseurs will recognize the well-known and still available Lo Scarabeo - Thunder Bay Press - Héron fac-similes and the recent CBD Conver.

And here's a comparison with the 'famous' Jodo-Camoin. At first sight the colors reminded me a lot about the Jodo-Camoin. But there are differences. When you take a closer look you can also easily discover which elements Jodorowsky & Ph. Tourrasse added to the original Conver to make their Tarot :

Hi Raphael,

THe Lo Scarabeo (left one s) is based on a 1870 édition. Some détails shows this ... and history of Camoin house.
The next one is based on Bicentenarry edition (édited in 1968 if I remenber well). A non successfull attempt to print with old moulds. Plus wrong colors.
The BnF version (so third from left) is based on a Conver printed after 1805. Because name of cardprinter had to be put on cards by law. Wrong measures fac similé and colors not terrible.
CBD attempt is an artistic work with his quality and defaults.
I don't judge an artistic work (we all have different tastes isn't it ?).
To do a Fac similé is one thing;
To do an artistic interpretation is another thing.
Public will judge and all attemps need consideration and respect.
But..... nobody is perfect of course.

I bought Yoav edition and got it 4 days ago: added on my shelf Tarot Hall of Fame.

Salutations from The Factory

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