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availability and price

Originally Posted by Chiska View Post
I have not been having any luck with getting a TdM that I like. I really like the colors on this one.

Is there enough of these decks available that I can have some time to ensure I have the funds, or do I need to move quickly?
thank you (and the other participants) for the positive comments and feedback.

as for availability: i printed 2500 copies, which is enough for now. i am happy that the cards are well received as they are, it is important for me, but it is only one part of a bigger project. so i suppose (/hope) that the cards will be available even after the first edition is sold out.

as for money: i have been reading and teaching tarot for 32 years. i take it seriously. to make a living as a tarot professional is a priviledge, but also an obligation. one of my principles is never to be in a situation that someone wants/needs a teaching or a reading and has to give it up because he cannot afford the price. the same goes for the cards. i wrote it here already, i say it in the ordering page, i repeat it: if you are short of money right now, write me privately and i will give you a reduction as you need. if you have no money at all - i will send you the cards for free, including shipment. if you feel uneasy about it, no problem, one day when you have enough you will pay me the difference, or better still, give it as charity to someone in real need.

ok? am i clear enough? this holds for everybody.
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