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Originally Posted by LRichard View Post
From the blurb on the back cover of my edition:
"......Rachel Pollack has revised and updated the book in the light of her thirty years' teaching, reading, and writing about Tarot cards. She has also written a new preface describing her own journey through the Tarot's world of symbols."
It doesn't sound as if there are any earth-shattering changes in new edition.
Maybe not earth shattering changes but that quote does raise a bit of a red flag for me. Does it mean that in the years since she wrote the first version that maybe her views on some of the cards has changed so she revised and updated? I have the new edition and Book 1 of the original printing, I'll have a quick look through and see if there are any obvious changes.

I am going to spend the Summer with the new edition because it's a book I've never really paid that much attention to but I have just recently found a new appreciation for the RWS and this is a book that is highly regarded.
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