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Hi everyone

Bit of a latecomer to this thread but you may find the following link useful:

Someone early on mentioned the Shemhamphorasch: take a certain 3 verses from Exodus, write them in boustrophedon form and the result is 72 lots of 3-letter words, each which for the names of angels. In connection with this someone else mentioned the book "The 72 names of God". I have this book and personally was underwhelmed as it is very "trendified" with little hard information. The link above names the angels and gives correspondences for them, such as what they do, astrological references, and most interestingly which of the Tarot pips they link with.

I've also just this sec found broadly similar information (better laid out than the previous, lacking the Tarot attributions but with other stuff) here: (you'll need Acrobat)

While I'm on... someone mentioned Notarikon. Notarikon's when the initials of a phrase are put together to make one word. Like "Iesous CHristos THeos Uios Soter" (Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour) being collapsed into "Ichthus" ("fish").

Hope this is useful for someone.
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