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Originally Posted by Arthurdubya View Post
I actually don't know yet! I've only got ideas for maybe.... 1/3 of the cards? But even those are subject to change, since I'll be consulting with a professional reader to make sure that the symbolism and content is correct.

Buuut, if I HAD to answer, I would say I have high hopes for The Magician and Death.
haha, such dramatic cards! i'm interested to see what you'll do with the hermit, the tower, and the devil, too, considering how dramatic that rabbit is... i really like the aesthetic of your cards so far! some of the more "crowded" cards with multiple figures may be a bit difficult to simplify without getting rid of too much symbolic imagery, like the five of swords maybe. that's one i didn't really start to understand until recently, and i've been reading my trusty rws for two years now... now i really wish i had time to draw!!!
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