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Originally Posted by ThanatEros
Even the Fool of the Tarot has a Dog near him! I strongly believe that this is NOT a coincidence, and I'll leave some images for you (about the Fool - Orion connection) to meditate upon. I think you'll like it

The Constellation ORION and its main stars:

Orion the Hunter and his Dog, Canis Major: (I've used Stellarium 0.7.1 for this image and the next)

Same image, but just the stars:

The Fool, "Le MAT", Marseilles Tarot:

The Orion-Fool connection (amazing!):

By the way, as Kwaw has already explained elsewhere, the hebrew word for Orion, Kesil (KSYL), means Fool

My best regards to All
Hi ThanatEros

Welcome aboard.! I agree, no coincidence. Orion is also called the abode of Osiris in Egyptian star lore. Sumerians with Ninurta and Ea. See image from and Sumerian Royal Cylinder seal here:

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