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Whow ... it's not that I will follow your interpretation, that the Master PW deck has something to do with divination, but it seems, that you've identified the 5 sentences as from "from Seneca".
I can't remember to have read this somewhere before ...

It's a deck from Cologne, made ca. 1500

Seneca was called to educate Nero, son of Agrippina. Agrippina was the founder of Cologne ("Colonia Agrippinensis")... so the reason for implanting Seneca's sentences in this deck looks obvious ... normal local patriotism. It's very nice, that you got this detail.

One theory tells, that the 3 different flowers are for the 3 European states Germany, France and Spain (one has to remember, it's the time of Maximilian), hares and parrots present Turkey and Africa.

Very nice detection, Marco ... possibly already known before, but me didn't know that. Thanks
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