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Originally Posted by DoctorArcanus
Ace of Roses - banner: "Pepulit Vires Casus Animo Qui Tulit Aequo" meaning: He defeats the power of chance who endures with equanimity.

Ace of Aquilegias (Pinks) - banner: "Par Ille Superis cui Pariter Dies Et Fortuna Fuit", meaning: He is equal to the celestials who equally received time and fortune.

Ace of Carnations - banner: "Fortuna Opes Auferre Non Animum Potest", meaning: Fortune can take away wealth but not fortitude.

Ace of Hares - banner: "Felix Media Quisquis Turbae Parte Quietus", meaning: He is happy who is quiet in the middle of turmoil.

Ace of Parrots - banner: "Quicquid Facimus Venit Ex Alto", meaning: Whatever we do, it comes from aloft.
I just wanted to say that these five quotes are amongst the most profound statements ever made (though I don't completely understand the second in the sequence). They are truly formidable thoughts, unlike the more mundane Sola-Busca ones:
"Trahor Fatis" - "I am drawn by destiny".

"Servir. Chi persevera infin otiene." - "To serve. If you endure you win in the end".
The reason I point this out is that it somewhat confirms me in my hypothesis that the Sola-Busca 'tarot' was perhaps a pagan alternative to the (Christian) Gnostic Marseilles, the standard images (which I take to have been the original, based on their greater profundity than their Italian offshoots, for example in having Strength control the roar rather than just kill the lion, and on their following the pattern of a coherent system of symbolism, the bardic).
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