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Renaissance Tarot - Jones / Lyle - 8 of Wands

Against the usual burnt orange background of the suit of Wands we see a stack of 7 horizontal wands.
In front of the wands is the figure of a man who is looking upwards and has his arms raised towards an eighth wand which he seems to be manouvering into it's place at the top of the pile.

The first thing I thought of when I saw this card was that things were falling into place. The man looks as if the wand is actually going to fall on his head if he isn't careful.

Eights are also about organising and sorting things out after the challenges of the sevens. They are about finding a balance again and this is also what this guy could be doing - he's sorting out the wands that were crossed behind him in the seven and now instead of being crossed they are stacked neatly.

Often this card is about things speeding up and rushing to a close but I don't really get that RWS style meaning from this card at all, although if the wands were falling down upon him then that could give some impression of speed.
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