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Cosmic Tarot 9 swords

Looked for a pic, went into a loop and came back here. This is a card that takes your attention and puts you where you know it best. Its the figure in the card that throws me off guard, it resembles Brent Spiner (on purpose?) as Data of Star Trek 1986 and after. That aside, the general feeling of the card is defying description right now. It is a modern card, the war machine in the guise of a distant plane and a tank in battle tell the tale of the 20th adn 21st century well.

The building being shaken apart on the right looks romanesque, but I aslso accept that I really don't know. The snake, its a touch of the mystic value of the decks symbolisim as it has been identifed as the snake of life.

This card is a very important card in the definition of this decks personality, it has a timeless feeling at times but some cards just pull you back to the present moment. More so now with the current state of the world.
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