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Originally Posted by Thirteen
Yes! And what a unique and amazing idea to give the Empress a mirror. We often imagine certain other cards might have a mirror in them, but the Empress? And yet how perfectly it works. Of course the Empress, who also relates to Venus and beauty, would have a mirror. But what a mirror for a card about creating--one that deconstructs! One which lets us see ourselves at our most naked, without even flesh to hide the truth.
This makes a lot of sense because she, unlike the High Priestess who conceals, the Empress reveals her secrets, she connects us to our human lives and that cycle of birth and death. The Empress is the mother to all sorts of creation,and therefore is a symbol of feminine productivity and action and she knows that one has to reconcile opposites in order to create a new third entity, here she reconciles life with death in order to expand her understanding, that out of life and death comes not just an ending but rebirth into something else.

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