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At the crossroads) Y (where the path of the mystic diverges from that of earthly pursuits, the Devil is a trickster guarding against those who confuse the image for the absolute. And that, it seems, has been at the crux of our discussion here.
Fitting it should be over an object catalogued: 666

Draping verities in names, numbers or symbols has always been a TooL, and 1 hope 1 fathom the utility of the vehicles without confusing them for the mysteries they are meant to represent. As creative fictions at play in the delight of their own becoming, the forms we clothe natural forces within have adapted as our species has adapted.
The mytho-poetic streak running through the ages is a human discourse with the divine. And some answers can never be found lest we ask the right questions.

Perhaps it is non-essential, at least with regard to one’s spiritual practice, to look for patterns connecting the traditions of ancient Egypt to modern Tarot. I gather most historians have a special looney bin for activities of precisely this nature, yet I suspect there is still a case to made for this lineage. Granted, certain archetypal motifs are “timeless” and can be found the world over, but there is more to this deck of cards than a mere collection of themes inferred by the collective unconscious.

Crowley’s Book of Thoth organizes into a calendar that would have been well suited to the activities of ancient astrologers.
As of today, there are precisely 4 years before this calendar points to zero.
The Stele of Revealing, by my reading, is more than just an artifact inspiring Crowley to the Book of the Law.
It is a clue as to how this calendar is configured.

Shall we begin?
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