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To me it looks like he is almost finished his job or project and is very enthusiastic about how well it has gone. He is shouting cheerfully to someone unseen who I imagine as the one who set the task or people around him he wants to impress as he wants to let them know he is almost finished and still highly motivated. I get a sense of bravado as he is showing off by raising the wand and calling out. He is still not finished though and he should watch out that he finishes the job before he celebrates it's completion.

This card speaks to me about enthusiasm and being on the right track. It says "you are doing well - keep going and remember to stay on track by not letting your standards slip". I have interpreted it this way to someone who is losing weight to become healthy and for myself when I was worried about how I was seen at work.

I can also see the other side of the card as a warning not to be too cocky or over confident. Wait until the eight wand is as neatly stacked as the other seven before proclaiming what you are building to be a success.
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