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I t'ink eez dead. Not near death or dying, but dead. Parts of him are beginning to rot, there appears to be three stages of decomposition... he died in stages or pieces. His eye is dark unlike the shining eye disks of the living. His face is frozen in a grimace, there is no sense of peace that is often associated with the dead.
Despite the fact that he is in a box, the swords only pierce him from four directions: top, bottom, left, and right. He wasn't "stabbed in the back" and he did not "see it coming" like he would if they came at him from the front. So his position is not a result of betrayal, nor does it seem related to vengeance. Did he put himself in this position? If the box is his reality, what he chooses to experience and see, the world has found a way in despite his efforts. Hiding from the "truth" but truth found him anyway.
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