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I love this Fool. I think he/she does look and seem like a teenager--reckless in his/her serene self-confidence.

I pulled out the Druid Plant Oracle by the same authors to see what they wrote on Mistletoe. A few great bits:

mistle berries symbolize the power of the moment.
Sometimes we need to learn to walk in the dark. While this can be lonely and painful, it forces us to draw on our inner qualities and instincts and in the end, this can serve our deeper purpose. In this way, lack of guidance becomes a meaningful part of our soul journey.
They also talk about how mistletoe is distributed at the Druid ceremony of Alban Arthan, after all the candles have been relit from a single flame--this symbolizes the rebirth of the sun and the divine child. I can see very well how mistletoe is the perfect plant for the Fool.

I love how in the background, the suns rays are just coming above the cloud. Just as the Fool cannot see where the path may go, we cannot see the sun, but we are as sure of its existence, hidden behind the cloud, as the Fool is of his/her destination.
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