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Hi dwaas,
even i am a newbie to this oracle. I just got this oracle from a lovely At member in my xmas parcel.. Though i am not very very familiar with this deck like the other members due to lack of time, but i am truly in love with it. I mean it connects beautifully with you. Whenever i get a chance to play with this deck, i remove a card for a general advice and get very accurate readings. It is as if the faeries can read my mind without me knowing and then they are guiding me. I mean i feel as if they are my well wishers and my guides and true friends.. If i am upset about anything, im sure to get the answer from this deck without even asking for it..Maybe you should give it another try. Give this deck another chance. Dont see the cards as mere cards but see them as real guides helping you and giving you advice.. As the book says that magic is not in the cards, the magic is in you.. Truly believe in them and i am sure they will make their presence felt to you... Just give it another shot and im sure you will start loving it..
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