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lighthousekeeper event chart.

You - venus
Ex - mars
Kids - saturn
Documents - jupiter
Court - moon

Jupiter rising shows the forms you've done etc, mars apply's to a square with jupiter so this is between you and your ex that there will be tension and conflict from this.

In this chart your ex is now mars, so he is the desperate one now....the tables have turned.

You (venus) are in your ex's 2nd house of money as that's what your doing this for.

SN is in your childrens house, once again it doesn't look like things have been very good for them from all this that's been going on, but hopefully when you get the help you need for them things will get better.

Moon in the 7th shows action is being taken now, the wheels have been set in motion, when the moon reaches the conjunction with uranus changes will take place

Your are aspecting to a sextile with neptune, so there will be slight doubts if this is the right thing you've done, and your probably not sure whats going to happen next etc.

Your children (saturn) is posited in their 11th house im seeing this as them getting the help they need, moon makes a trine with saturn before conjuncting uranus....11th carrying on from the 10th would be the help they receive from the court (10th).

Saturn does flow away from SN, so things do look to improve for them.

Mars, venus, moon and saturn rx all flow towards the NN so another positive indication of things eventually working out.
So It looks like there will be improvements made, at first there will be a little tension between you and him because of this but this should subside over time, the children will in the long run be happier too.

Ive had to rush this as ive got to be somewhere this morning.....but when i return home later ill take another look and see if i've missed anything to add etc.

Things look difficult to start with, but over time they should straighten themselves out.
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