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Well, considering the morning I'm having, I think this is a very telling card for me. What I'm really seeing here is the inaction of the card. Both figures stand at the ready, but no one is actually doing anything. Things seem to be imbalance, but if anyone moves, everything gets thrown off kilter.

This is what is reflective of my life right now, so it's what see. Balance is what is needed, but it's not external balance. It's finding a balance on the inside. It's about inaction and reaction. There's no balance inside, so each reaction to outside influences is extreme and irrational. The other option is often to sit in fear doing nothing, frozen in a sense of confusion.

For me, this card is about facing those elements of the self that are not cohesive, and finding a way to bring them together with a sense of balance. Finding a middle ground and not responding to things in a chaotic manner. It's about recognizing that things are often only as scary or unmanageable as we choose to make them. If we have a sense if internal balance, and we trust ourselves, we can handle whatever comes at us from the outside world. Without that inner balance and a real understanding and acceptance of who we are, everything feels overwhelming and insurmountable.
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