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Tyldwick - Sun

What I notice in the Sun card:

A statue of Surya
Two large vases full of sunflowers
Sun design on the wall and rug

Surya is a sun god and the chief of the classical planets in Hindu astrology. He is often depicted riding a chariot harnessed by seven horses (or one horse with seven heads) which represent the seven colors of the rainbow or the seven chakras. He is associated with healing: in one Hindu legend, a man with leprosy was inspired to write verses in honor of Surya, and by the time he finished the last verse, he was cured. Surya represents the wholeness and balance that comes after the Fool has gained wisdom (through the previous majors) and been made aware of his assets and flaws. Like a prism that shows the colors inside light, he sees and understands on a new level. He realizes he not separate, but a part of something much greater than his egoic self.

It is a myth that the sunflower turns its head to follow the sun across the sky each day. Once you've seen a truth, you can't "unsee" it, no matter which way you look. The flower head is actually not one flower but numerous small flowers crowded together (just inside the outer petals). Again this reinforces being a part of something greater. Sunflowers can remove some toxic substances from soil and water; they were used at the Chernobyl site and are being considered for use at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. The filtering and cleaning properties of the sunflower remind me that just because I've cleaned out my spiritual pantry once, doesn't mean I don't need to continue to keep an eye on things. I need to continue to monitor what goes in.

The sun designs on the wall and the floor symbolize the sun's illumination and energy that provides life for all. It's illumination represents clarity and understanding, and such an understanding creates an energetic passion for life.
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