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ADEPT LEVEL; 21 Ways . . . Step TWO

On the assumption that all who wish to reply to step one have had the time to do so, I'll move on to Step Two. This step starts off by asking us to review the King of Cups from the Arthurian Tarot example given on page 8. We are to indicate which details in the given description would prompt us to investigate further their meaning and possible roles in this card.


Step 2:2
The size of the waterfall (width) and stream at the feet of the King, plus the open space behind the top of the water fall suggest a lake might be feeding the stream. It would seem that a village, town or number of people might be found up above around the lake -- and that this lower wooded area would therefore be a more private retreat area for the King to visit.

This leads me to realize that the King of Cups values his solitude as a means of refreshing himself and gaining time to appreciate what life brings him.

The nature of his fishing pole tells a story. It is a relatively short stick, not something that would be used on a lake. The pole has a wrapped handle which suggests it is often used and not just picked up for casual use. It is slender so it would be used for smaller fish, such as brook trout or perch. All of this tells me that the King likely comes here often and probably has little interest in actually catching and keeping fish for his own meals. Fishing is an excuse to get away from others. He probably has a busy court life and values quiet times.

The King has a pack or carry-bag of some kind at his feet. He obviously is prepared for fishing and must therefore come here often. This suggests some form of personal regimen, showing a significant amount of discipline and rigor behind his cups-like compassion. This in turn suggests a possible larger court situation that he has to contend with and hints at the large number of complexities that can exist.

Step 2:3
We are to evaluate a series of statements to determine objective observation or a subjective assumption -- using "O" or "S" to record our answer. The several statements ARE NOT RELATED TO THE KING OF CUPS CARD but may be related to any "familiar" themed card/deck>
a) O; This might be seen by some who don't pay attention to details of what is right or left.
b) S; this is not indicated by the card's illustration in any way.
c) S; the situation may or may not be dire, but "waiting" is an assumption.
d) O; this can be seen in the illustration.
e) S; he may be signalling others or using the light for his own purposes, but does not necessarily wish to guide others in terms of the picture.
f) O; this can be seen.
g) S; how is one's determination and mind-set firmly indicated?
h) S; yet to occur movement might be implied but it is not certain.
i) O; It depends upon the deck/card design of course.

As is mostly the case, the statements of Mary Greer, given on page 13, are both enlightening and sharply critical of how our mindset needs to be better oriented in terms of our tarot work.

I had appreciated the water as a backdrop story but had not thought of the gap in the rocks as an opening in a solid facade. She notes the pole as indicating something that might be kept as a distance -- I had seen it as a casual-but-not-critical-tool as the real purpose was not "catching" a fish but to enjoy this retreat space.

I had gotten the O and S steps correct. So, chastised a bit by not taking a broader view of each seen and implied component in the King of Cups, I'll try to move ahead with resolve on the next step. Dave
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