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Step 2


What caught my eye in the description given in activity 2:1 about the King of Cups from Authurian Tarot are the following:

Right descends/gap surrounded/I am holding string descends/to my right behind me.

-The descending waterfall to the king's right side.

To me, could mean, emotions in action. Both the emotions and thoughts meet causing a stir.

-The gap created with the rocks.

Perhaps acknowledges the need for silence to gather both thoughts and discern feelings.

-The sense of being surrounded.
-Sensing what is behind & to his right.

All in all this King may recognize that although he is alone, he is protected by God. Alone but not lonely as well.

-The act of holding a pole.
-String entering water.

No fear in venturing forth within himself.

But again, these are all my subjective veiw point


a. There's a fish in a cup held in the right hand of person-O
b. The fish in the cup has granted the person 3 wishes-S
c. She is waiting for someone to rescue her-S
d. 10 swords stick out of the back of a person lying facedown on the ground-O
e. He holds his lantern so that other people can follow-S
f. With arms crossing her chest, she grasps 2 swords that point upward-O
g. The person pierced by swords has given up-S
h. The man in a black cloak is going to pick up the 2 cups that are still full-S
i. The person is not looking at a cup held by a hand coming out of a cloud-O

If you haven't done the basic exercise of describing your chosen card, then do so now. Note how objective you really were.

Victorian Romantic 4 of Wands

There are 4 woman on a stage, one bangs away on a drum, another who's hands hang high overhead, two others in a dancing pose of some sort. The one banging the drum wears a bathing suit like outfit, a deep pink color-fusia? The lady next to her in a midnight blue dress. The remaining 2 ladies in bright blue and peach. There is also a man, appearing in the distance. Is he part of the act or the crowd?
Don't know.
A crowd watches, although I can only make out the face of a single woman. Good thing, because, it looks like they are all enjoying themselves.
It is a makeshift stage these four ladies stand on....oh yes, the bird. For some reason, I'm not noticing birds.
Not in the King of Cup exercise or here. It's very colorful, and by how it's spreading his/her wings, could be happy or bothered by the noise.
I think I was fairly objective in the description of my card, although I was ready to assume that man was part of the act. It would not have occured to me that he may not be a part of the group without doing this exercise.
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