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Warning: My description is endless!

2:1 A man is sitting with his legs crossed (right leg over left) with his head turned directly to his right. The entire card is in shades of orange and yellow with touches of white. The man is wearing a gold pointy crown (5 points? 6?) with plus sign in a circle decorations engraved at the base of each point.

He is also wearing a short tunic with ¾ length sleeves. It is decorated with squares, and in the squares are bees and swirly lines with points on the ends. His legs are bare? And he’s wearing slipper sox.

In his left hand in his lap he holds a dark orange sphere with a yellow Maltese cross on top. In his right hand he holds up across his chest and next to his ear a scepter with a stylized ram’s head on top.

His chair has a kind of net design with a sun or star in circle design on the end of each arm. His carpet or tile has 2 fleur de lys on it.

At his feet to his left is a lamb lying down holding a flag over its shoulder. It has a halo. At his feet to his right is a shield decorated with a double headed and bodied eagle with a sun behind its head.

Behind his chair on either side of him are the heads of two rams with large curly horns. Behind them we can see about ¼ of the sun behind the king’s profile. It looks like flames are surrounding the rams. It looks like a stream of white light is coming from the upper right corner of the card to behind the king’s left shoulder.

In first person: I am sitting on my orange throne wearing my crown and holding my scepter and orb. My shield and lamb are at my feet. My rams are behind me. The sun is over my right shoulder. I look sharply to the right.

2:2 Going by the description of the Fisher King:
A waterfall and pool could mean cleanliness and refreshment.
What is he fishing for?
Could the bird be a messenger? Is it tweeting?
I wonder if we could figure out the specific trees and plants in the picture. Maybe the species have significance.
We could also look for significance in the shape of the rocks.

2:3 I got all the objective or subjective questions right.

I tried not to say there were flames in my card, even though I KNOW they are flames!
I assumed halo and sun, even though they are both just plain circles behind heads.
I assumed my guy is a king!
In the first person description, I assumed all the items in the card are “mine.” (I assumed the floor and the chair are his in the first description, too!) I also assumed he is looking at or for something.

I don’t think I had seen the sun in the background of this card before, what with all the flames and such!
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