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21 Ways...Adept Level 2 RWS


Waterfall- In this scene, I see it as divine grace coming to earth filling the gaps in between our realty, while creating a sacred pool of unlimited grace.

This pastoral setting is the King’s “temple” where he comes to refresh his spirit. Fishing is the medium (meditation/prayer).

The Bluebird is a messenger from God bringing tranquility to this space.

After I wrote this about the King of cups I read the book, Mary’s suggestions and your posts on this card. My take is different but I’m comfortable with it as I was not responding to a querent, it was purely subjective.

I found all of the postings and Mary’s responses to be very helpful and an indicator that I must look at the card from many perspectives and at all times consider the querent. I took this to be a subjective description since we are discussing Subjectivity and Objectivity.

I’m very interested to hear your opinion/critique

2-3 I got all of them correct.

My new Card RWS The Moon


There is a bright full moon with a face (man in the moon) situated between 2 towers. There are 15 yods falling toward the ground.

A path leads from a pond through the towers and over the mountains. There is a brown dog and a yellow wolf standing on the grass on either side of the path howling at the moon.

The grass grows from the edge of the pond up to the towers; beyond the towers, the land is barren and rocky. Along the edge of the pond where the grass and the water meets, there is a line of dark green leafy plants and 6 small stones. Deep ripples disturb the surface of the pond.

Emerging from the pond crawling onto the path is a crustacean (lobster?) The sky is pitched dark except for the illumination of the moon.

In the far distance, behind the mountains there is a very thin line of light.
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