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Querent = Jupiter

Home (where you are now) = Venus

House move = Mercury (4th from 4th)

Jupiter is posited in turned 6th which is cadent = - testimony.
Venus (where you are now) is posited in 6th which is cadent .

Even with just this one testimony up to now, im seeing as more thought than actual action taking place, something you want to do yes. Your saving yes, but there needs to be more action being made, which is why there will be slight delays.

Saturn is retrograding towards asc in your 1st house = - testimony. This to me would just be showing delays.

Venus is detrimented by sign, but this is just the property you're in now that your not really happy in anymore.

Jupiter is retrograding away from POF but at the same time retrograding towards the NN, and venus is also flowing away POF = + testimony.

Moon flows towards NN and also towards yourself (jupiter) = double + testimony.

Moon is in its domicile = + testimony.

South node is in your 2nd house of finances, so this Could be to do with your finances that could hinder and delay things a little for you in moving. This will depend on where you decide to move to, and the finances needed when you find a place.

Mercury (new home) is posited in its chaldean decan of face. This home will be more suited to you as mercury is also in its terms.

Mercury in angular = + testimony.

Jupiter is retrograding away from the home now (venus) and towards the new home (mercury) = + testimony.

So i do see you will be moving this year, the + outweigh the -

The only thing that's holding you back is your not so much "do it" attitude. Your wanting everything to be perfect first probably moneywise, so youve probably not even looked for new property yet, but once you do things should go okay.

The place you get won't be the absolute best one ever but it will be better than where you are, this doesn't necessarily mean on an outside or inside interior view, its also about how you feel in it, and the neighbourhood etc. As mercury moves towards its domicile then i do see that you will like it more when you move in.

Infact the SN could be posited in the turned 8th, so maybe you lend someone some money and need to wait for it back, or you need to borrow a little more to get the place you wan't.
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