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Thanks for posting. You're getting me excited for the arrival of my copy, which as you know, is on the way! And thanks to reading this and taking a closer look, I see the Empress has a good bit of Thoth imagery: the pelican and bees you mentioned, and lotus. There's also the door in the background, a reference to the Golden Dawn (and later Thoth) attribution of the Hebrew letter Daleth (door).

The pelican is apparently originally derived from a past mistaken belief that pelicans fed their young on their own blood, the epitome of self sacrifice from a mother. (I don't remember where I learned that; probably in the Thoth forum here.) And the red blood with white bird are colors that come up repeatedly in the Thoth for alchemy, and in RWS (but I know a lot less about RWS).

I love the bees! Thoth Empress & Emperor have bees too. (A favorite deck, Tabula Mundi, has swarming bees on the Empress but a man-made beehive on the Emperor, so that the Empress' aspect is the Queen-ruled hive and fertile growth in nature, while the Emperor "seeks to order what the Empress creates. Nature creates the honey bee; man seeks to hive it and tame it..." (Book M - companion book to TM).

I'm also glad the door is there, but then I like Kabbalah with tarot. The Empress is on the path of Daleth, the door between the Jolanda Kings and the Queens on the Tree of Life. Another way to say female and male, yin and yang, principles coming together to create, also expressed by a pregnant Empress.

I like water as "primordial ooze" as you said. A fertile source of life.

That was stream of consciousness, but I'm just on a lunch break so had to hurry!
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