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I'm reading the Medieval Scapini book and there is some kabbalah influence there so the door = daleth is actually mentioned in an overview of Golden Dawn vs. Leví associations of the letters. It's very brief, and most of the kabbalah stuff is first a short introduction to some old mystics ideas and then in relation to the deck, so not the most in-depth course. I hope the book I got for the Thoth will explain it in a little more detail and I should also consider taking notes of it since it's all very new to me so I'm not sure how much actually goes in! But thanks, then I know I should check what little kabbalah stuff I've got when I do the next card

I really like the idea of the empress as what is (nature and it's abundance) and the emperor as what could be (as in his abilities to put things in order) that you mentioned with the bees - it makes a lot of sense to me as metaphor. One is not better than the other, just as it's useful for us to keep bees it's just as useful for wild bees to do as they do. Another thing I like about this deck is all the animals in it. I'm not super adept at animal symbols but I really like seeing them in all the cards and I like that the Thoth has a lot of the same, so I can look at it too. I wonder if the Thoth has the same panda bear as in the next card.

Thanks for your thoughts again, they've made me really excited for both my books and the Thoth. Can't promise that I'll stick to it for the entire deck, but I hope to do some more of these cards especially since the book for the deck is in Swedish only and I think this is an intriguing deck that deserves some study in English too
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