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Question Why Switch?

I have a deck with Wands/Air and Swords/Fire and it's quite clear in the imagery—which is not typical RWS—that these are the assignments. So I'm not looking at the usual 6/Swords image (the ship with swords) and reading it as someone leaving troubled passions/energy toward quieter passions (passion/energy = fire). I'm seeing, instead, a card image featuring sword tips coming together and a bolt of lightning striking them from the sky; as if they've become a lightning rod. Thus, the "fire" meaning of the swords is clear: opposing passions finding a way to come together and so channel great, uniting energy.

This being the case, I haven't that much trouble switching the suit elements when using that deck. The images make sure I remember that with this deck, Swords are Fire (passion/energy) and Wands are Air (communication/intellect). But if this wasn't the case, I don't know that I'd bother. If the image was the same for the RWS 6/Swords for example (a ship crossing water with swords), then I'd see no compelling reason to read it as elementally fire. I'd just stick to seeing the swords as elementally air as always, and the 6/Swords meaning as I usually see it—argument, disagreement, mental troubles finding their way toward harmony.

Which is all to say, if the images are not all that different from the usual RWS...why switch the suit elements from what you're used to? One of the most important rules of Tarot, I think, is that you don't always have to agree with the book that comes with your deck, or read the cards as the deck creator wants you to read them. You are the reader. And you must always do what works best for you.
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