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Originally Posted by Aeric View Post
Swords are forged in fire, so the fire reading makes the cards a bit more physical and constructive than with air. Yet, a swordsmith is a rare and unique profession today, so they require no less deep strategy, study, experience, logic and intellect than if they were still air symbols.
Heh. I always had trouble with this because it always got me thinking too literally about sword making I mean, if all it took to be fire was to be forged in fire...wouldn't everything the smith made be "fire"?--like coins for Pents, or the goblet in Water?

Which isn't at all your point I get that. You're offering good way to help someone view Swords as fire. And you're absolutely right. The "forged in fire" keyword can be good for that. But thinking on my own experience "switching" to accommodate a deck...Beancrew49 isn't trying to make up their mind whether Swords = fire or air. But rather they are comfortable with Swords = Air. This new deck (the book that comes with the deck?) wants them to switch that. I'm wondering if they should if it's only the book, not the card imagery, making the switch.

My thought is that, like with me, Beancrew49's instincts might be resistant to "forged in fire" keywords if the deck images are the same as usual. Having used decks with swords/wands elementally switch, I can say that it's not so big a deal if the images help. But if they're RWS's very difficult.
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