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Originally Posted by Beancrew49 View Post
I'm starting to work with the Modern Spellcaster's Tarot and I'm finding the Sword and Wand suits to be difficult. I'm used to RWS so the Swords being fire and Wands being air is throwing me off a little bit. The images seem to remain fairly consistent to the RWS, but I'm not sure how these switched elements should change how I perceive cards in these suits. How does the flipping of the elements affect the reading of these suits, if at all? Thanks.
I've never had a deck where those elements were switched. I don't think I personally like it.

To me Swords as fire, sounds like fiery angry thoughts. And Wands as Air, sounds like creating something out of thin air. Maybe it's just habit and what you're used to though.

Where Swords are Air touches me. It reminds me that thoughts are energy that can travel (through air) and affect things. And Wands are Fire reminds me that it is best we create by following our inner passions, and what feels right and true to us.

I prefer the way I am used to. I think if I had that deck I would just use it my traditional way and keep Swords as Air and Wands are Fire.

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