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I haven't forgotten about this.

So if these are the positions we've settled on, do they seem to be in the correct order?

What was the trauma?
How was it expressed in that first generation?
Who experienced the trauma?
What effect did the trauma have on their life?
What is the legacy the trauma has introduced into the family line?
What effect has the trauma had on my family today?
How can I heal the trauma I inherited?
How can I heal the trauma the rest of my family has inherited?
How can I help the spirit of my ancestor heal, if that's needed?

If this were a story you were reading, which would you rather know first - who it happened to or how it was expressed in the first generation? I'm thinking how it was expressed could actually go after the effect it had on the person who experienced it.

Once we have the order of the positions set, then we can think about spread shapes.

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