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This is regarding if you and Ab will lead to marriage.

You - Mars
Ab - Venus

Venus is in its own sign and house, so this guy is not really going to be taking you into consideration for anything longterm. This could be some sort of personality clash, especially with you being mars in cancer, it does seem like this would be the case. He seems more calmer and subdued than what you are.

Mars flows away from venus (-)

Moon flows towards SN (-)

Venus is in your detriment and moon apply's to a square with uranus in the sign of Aries, so there could be some sudden anger issues coming up from you.

Your posited in his 3rd and moons posited in your 3rd,so this looks like communication issues that will be arising.

Lot of marriage is @ Scorpio 20,50" - significator = mars.
Mars (marriage) is in its fall (-)
Moon flows away from Lot but towards significator (neutral)
Mars flows towards an opposition with the part of marriage. (-)

All in all i doubt very much that there will be a marriage between you and Ab, i don't think the dating will even be lasting that long either, going on the moon square uranus coming up.
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