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I have so many favorites cards...

0 - The Fool - What a strange and dark portal, would we have the courage to pass through? I don't think so. The person is so gloomy, with the wolf (I love wolves) replacing the dog. I think the scene fits well with the card.

V - The High Priest - Damn that Nosferatu scares me! I can't look the card longer than one second. I appreciate deeply his presence though, even if I can't look at him, and he's perfect as The High Priest, just read the concerned thread.

VI - The Lovers - This card is full of passion, sensuality and blood (even if we don't see any).

IX - The Hermit - Nosferatu again.

XI - Strengh - It's hard not to love this one, her playing with the elements with the gargoyle on her side.

XIII - Death - The Death Card is the card I love the most in Tarot, if that card in a deck is not good then, I don't like the deck. I really love this one, with its vegetal look.

XVI - The Tower - The tower is a medieval castle, gloomy with mist, gargoyles, cemetary and ghosts. Wow!!! And the lightening can't even take it down.

V Of Wands - This one is creepy, with the shadows lurking around, waiting to fall on you and kill you.

VI Of Wands - I like this card, as the woman appears suddenly, riding her diabolical horse and the lightening hits at the same moment.

Queen Of Wands - The woman here is one of my favorite woman in the deck, entirely dressed in red (she is the only one in the deck with that color) with the wolf on her side. I love wolves. She is one with the wolf.

V Of Cups - The necromancer, who talks to the dead. He misses the people he loved so much that now he only talks with the dead. How sad!

VI Of Cups - I love this card, a spirit is quietly reading a book sitting on a vault. This is a happy moment in this dark world.

X Of Cups - Well, I admit that the sadistic parts in me awaken when I see this card, same as with The Lovers. And no, I'm not sharing...

Knight Of Cups - One of the rare bloody cards in the deck, all elegant. The Knight has a lot of presence.

V Of Swords - Bloody, wicked, I like it.

IX Of Swords - I like this one too, with that poor gargoyle who has a monster on her shoulder, and that one is slowly pusing her off the edges.

Knght Of Swords - I'm a Knight Of Swords, so I indentify a lot with this card. Like Death, it has to be good. And I do like this card too, this knight is not cocky and showing off like the Knight Of Wands. He's humble, honorable, a bit sad and tired. And he's dressed in red (red is my favorite color).

V Of Pentacles - Again... Nosferatu. And in this card, he's even scarier, hunting... I shiver...

VII Of Pentacles - A manor this time, a haunted manor, with a dark valet, gargoyle and mist. I can hear a wolf howling.

Knight Of Pentacles - Most of the characters have dark hair in the deck, this knight is blond. There are three wolves with him, and they are taking a walk in the forest. I love wolves, and there are three on this card. The vampire here reminds me of Lestat.
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