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Taking magnesium every day will keep you from getting kidney stones. (Well it helps me, I've had them 3 times and it's always when I stop taking it.) Stay under the recommended daily intake though, it also eases anxiety.

I've also used acidophilus gelcaps to cure bacterial infections in my how-shall-I-put-it "nether region." I inserted them, not ingested. I tried this after several rounds of antibiotics did nothing. And the re-occurring infection never returned. *round of applause for these gelcaps*

I use olive oil on my hair and skin, even my cuticles and my feet. I'm an addict.

You can also buy ginger in a capsule for motion sickness/nausea, but I just drink ginger ale, or cola. I believe the cola syrup works much like pepto.

I probably have more but that's all I think I can personally vouch for.

I'm nuts for hair stuff so I'm trying the baking soda and vinegar thing.
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