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Originally Posted by ravenest
3. Yarrow, easy to grow and a great healer. I had read that Alexander the Great's army carried it to treat sword wounds. That is a serious wound! So I tried it on a cut, that I believe needed about six stiches ( I have previously worked in a hospital, including Accident & Emergency and Operating Theatre). I chewed up the leaves into a poultice, held the cut together, packed the yarrow around it and bound it so as to hold the cut firmly closed in position. Then bound my foot to restrict movement. I kept still for two days and checked in on the third. OH NO! The dressing was horrible and green and stained. The skin was a sickly dark green and black. But as I looked closer I realised that it was mostly the herb. I brushed it off and my skin was stained by the herb. The cut had healed to a small thin scar about as wide as a razor blade. I poked it and pulled it then tried to pull it apart, it had totally healed.
wow! this is very interesting. I'm going to see if I can find a yarrow plant or some seeds and plant it myself and keep on hand.
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