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Originally Posted by Laura Borealis View Post
Re: Key to the Kingdom... this one? That's the one I wish-listed... and the prices are very good indeed

Also I just noticed that listing calls them "transformation" cards, so maybe WOPC is too rigid in the way they apply the term!

eta: more info

Tarot is educational!
That was interesting, Laura! I didn't know about the transformation thing till you mentioned it...I really also loved the example from the Vanity Fair deck (top right hand corner) of the wikipedia link you posted - going to dig up more on it - and wow, yes, great prices on the Key to the Kingdom! oh and yes, I meant the slip-case set!

@Madrigal, I would love to see more of your cards, yes! I do know what you mean - about the spare elegance of certain plain pip cards - I guess I am just so used to RWS style decks of tarot that I much prefer my pips illustrated! (especially as I cannot get the hang of reading playing cards, I don't know why!) I don't use playing cards other than to enjoy the art and to try and read them. I was never very good at actual card games, per se...
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