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Wow! Aoife, you have added so many new dimensions to this card. I think your insights and uneasy suspicions are delicious. You have opened a fascinating discussion. Thank you!

Especially promising, I feel are the explorations on deeper meanings for the dwarf.

The symbolic dwarf of fairytales, is often a gold miner - (hi ho, hi ho, it's home from work we go), I think also of Wagner's Niebelungen, pounding out their gold, hence, miners of hidden riches in the depths of the earth, in the underworld. The dwarf coming to surface then, and proferring a bouquet, is like the magical visitor bringing a gift from the under/inner world.

It is appropriate too that the flowers are stars. I also think back to P.L. Travers Mary Poppins series (the books are soo much richer than the movie). In in adventure, Mary takes the children for a visit into outerspace, amidst the stars. Like all of her magical adventures, in the morning, it is unclear whether this has been all a dream, or a real-life journey into a true other world. In every case, there remains one bit of evidence from journey to show that indeed, it had been no dream.

What the children find, awaking the next morning after their journey to the stars, (trying desperately to remember, but it has been decades since I had my hands on this book!!) is an actual bit of star, remaining behind on the night table.

I would like to think of the proferred star-flowers, as the symbol, the relic, the magical icon, the bit of proof, which surviving from one world into the other, gives tangible testimony that all was not in fact, a dream!

Memory is a also a kind of underworld. And relics (a lock of hair for example) are the magical objects which testify through time to the truth of memory.
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