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Originally Posted by squeakmo9
You've described your cards well Starling, but what else do they suggest other than numbers and elements?
Reason being, for the Aces (RWS) hand holds a cup in its palm, the Swords grips...what does this mean to you as far as "next step"(Ace of Sword) and "outcome" (Ace of Cups)?
Not trying to be a hardass, Starling, just wanting to see more of what these cards mean to you.
That was a good question. Both the Ace of Swords and The Hierophant seem to talk about THINKING and/or studying as what to do next and what will break my blocks. The Hierophant is also a card about belonging to a group and following that group's teachings. And teaching is again thinking.

As for what I think the Ace of Cups means as an Outcome card...Well, it is about as good an outcome as one can expect. It means an outpouring of emotions, and caring. The Cup is overflowing in 5 different streams. All four of the Elements? And one more?
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