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I also gave it a try. Not sure if it was pathworking or active imagination, since I have no prior experience with it. I sat down with a candle, cast a LBRP and then imagined me doing another LBRP and then concentrated on the thoth universe card.

A door appeared which I opened. I entered an egg-shaped room with green smoke everywhere. There was this girl with the snake dancing from the ceiling of the room. I grabbed the fishhook which worked like an elevator and so I was also at the ceiling, talking to the girl and asking her where to get to Yesod. She said "Go straight ahead. Have fun." The elevator-hook let me down from the ceiling, so i was again at the floor. There was again this green fog, so it was difficult to see the girl with the snake. I moved further straight ahead and came to a door which I opened. It was a dark brownish room lit in candlelight with stuff in there and some persons, but i could not see them clearly. It became very blurry. I think I was greeted by someone/something and thought if this was pathworking or just my mind playing tricks on me.
I then went back the same way I came, through the egg-room filled with the green fog.
I opened my eyes and did another LBRP.
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