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Looking at the card, I don’t feel any malevolent energy. I’m drawn by the upright pentagram, a symbol of magic that hasn’t been ‘sullied’ by reversing it.
I agree. There is no malevolent energy in this Devil and I´ve learned to like this card. I believe the malevolence stems from somePatriarchal and Judeo-Christian need to split things in two opposite halves. Psychologists say it´s actually a deep human need to split things into a clearly defined good and bad to be able to handle them especially if you are very young or if your psyche is otherwise still undeveloped. Marie-Louise von Franz says that a mature personality is able to endure opposites until a creative solution comes up.This creative solution is often something unexpected which decides the conflict on another level. (more on this below)

I believe the Pentagram in an ancient protective symbol. I was surprised to read that it was widely used here in Finland as late as the 18th century. It was painted on barn doors etc. I really like that symbol.

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Could the woman standing in front of the pair with the pentagram around her neck, be Lilith? Just a thought.
I think she could very well be.
According to the Jungian Claire Douglas (in “The Woman in the Mirror” 1990) “The archetype of Lilith continues to be one of the most darkly enigmatic and intriguing forms of the lunar archetype. She is the unseen one-the moon with its face turned away. She is the rejected Moon Mother, fantastically and menacingly obscured by our own dark fears of her…Barbara Koltuv describes Lilith as opposite but equal to and counterpointing the Judeo-Christian masculine, all-God, calling her the feminine transpersonal shadow…Koltuv links Lilith with Hecate as a crossroads Goddess and strongly reclaims the power of both in women´s lives. As Goddess of the crossroads, Lilith (Hecate) is a passionate and intense presence indispensable at the instinctual crossroads of women´s puberty, menstruation, orgasms, conceiving, birthing, motherhood and menopause. Yet Koltuv is also concerned that this archetype is one that has been especially suppressed and unintegrated..”

I think perhaps this is the kind of Devil we are seeing in the card? And since men are equally standing at different crossroads in different times of their lives (and they also share women´s crossroads in many ways) there is a couple in front of our Lilith/Hecate. I really like that because all humans regardless of sex face these initiations and crossroads.

Marie –Louise von Franz says (in Shadow and Evil in Fairy Tales, Shambhala 1995) “ A model of an archetype can be said to be composed of two parts, one light and the other dark…you have the witch, the devilish woman, the beautiful wise woman and the goddess who represents fertility….probably they are neutral things in the unconscious – acomplexio oppositorum- and then they tend to double into a yes and no, a plus and minus..The twin motif in mythology shows that there is always a double..light and dark..good and evil”
“The Judeo-Christian attitude sharpened the ethical conflict and therefore in our culture there is a tendency to judge in a moral way and not to leave things blurred.”
So our culture has sharpened the split to two opposites. I find this discussion about duality and opposites is running through this whole deck and it comes up in nearly every card. There are two people, two animals, black and white floors or something else that seems to emphasize duality and opposites. I feel this deck somehow also finds a synthesis and solution to this problem of opposites in its different symbols.

Originally Posted by MaineGirl117 View Post
Now, bringing us back to alternative ideas about this Devil card, I’m drawn to the idea of this ‘Satan’ or the Angel originally known as Lucifer “Morningstar”. Lucifer roughly meaning “light-bringer” and is identified with the planet Venus. How then, can a planet usually associated with Love then connect with the Devil
I believe the story about Lucifer, the Fallen Angel and Light Bringer is also of Judeo-Christian and Patriarchal origin and it simply overlays the Goddesses. I think it is a myth originating in some apocryphal Old Testament texts.
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