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As I continued my angel research on Uriel, this is what I found... all I can say is Wow!

His angelic force, in the Hanael aspect, applies on the path of ayin. This is known as the Lord of the Gates of Matter and Prince of the Power of Air as well as the Devil card in the Tarot. Here choices and struggles are represented in action oriented ways. This also falls under the sign of Capricorn, Fire of Earth. This aspect is said to apply to the month of December. In some writings Hanael is credited with transporting Enoch to Heaven.
There are also references in the website of his connection with Venus. It is also noted (in this website link - I think) that Uriel gifted the world with Alchemy (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

The full website is here and it really brings home the idea that I described in a previous post that this card, this image, is not exclussively evoking obsession, addiction and all the woes of mortal existance!

The pentagram and it's symbolism as connecting everything in life with nature and experiencing divinity on a personal/human level is reinforced by this angellic presense.

I feel at ease now that this card has been showing up in my readings!!
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