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Originally Posted by Hemera View Post
This is another strange card. There is a relatively friendly looking lady who looks like she is ready to bang the couple´s heads together! Her Pentagram is big and not inverted so she could be a Priestess performing a marriage ceremony.
'They' may be cunning and not reveal themselves in true form. The LWB carries a warning against this ceremony. It seems to challenge the assumptions that lead us into a passionate situation. In that sense it is very nice in this deck that XV also brings out VI, the Lovers. That card similarly warns against the effects of love.

On the other hand, 'evil' is not absolute, and hard-coded morals can turn the world upside down. Examine what is happening and question everything. This can work the other way also- simply doing something for the sole purpose of expressing your liberty, is no liberty at all.

In a conventional sense, the card can represent the demands of traditional society versus your own inner demands for fulfillment- these may clash. In this world in which we live, a lot of hatred and judgment arises against those who seek pleasure. Perhaps those judging them feel envy- being restricted by their own self-imposed codes of conduct, they hate others who are able and willing to satisfy their inner desires.
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