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Talking Lets start this up again

Thomas the Apostle.

My head doth not encompass clearly
Your switcheroo of card and letter,
Your double loop of astro puzzle
(To contradict invokes a muzzle),
Your self-asserting proof and mantra
Is twisted in a maze of yantra.

Your philosophy I hold dearly
As From dying god is always better,
As sun never passes nor does it die,
We turn to shadow in the sky.
A metaphor of life of man,
Eternal may be his true span.

So what small measure does it matter
Compared to disc of bread and platter
To pour this emptied heart of mine
To fill the cup with sacred wine?
Opposed to where we put the fetter,
Could it be that it is merely

A skilful wink or subtle trick
Or is it that my mindís so thick
To accept the placement of a hook
Because it says so in a book?
To raise a brow and say, ďOh really?
Maybe itís an acrobater.Ē
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