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Quantum Tarot - 10 Wands

We see a shadowy figure bent double, clutching a Wand for support. Behind him and against the darkness of space a fiery explosion is happening, a new of solar flares silhouettes him. With his sacral spine as a horizon the intense core of all the heat and light rises, white-hot and glary. Into that, and into his sacral spine, nine other Wands are stabbing.

The scientific subtitle of this card is "Neutron Star", and the companion-book points out that a Neutron Star is what is left after a massive star collapses as a result of its own mass causing its own gravity to suck the very structure of its atoms apart.

While a Sun-type star is fuelled largely by the burning of hydrogen and somewhat by the burning of helium, nothing like that can be said of a neutron star. When the neutrons, proton and electrons of a whole bunch of atoms have been torn apart, elements no longer exist and words have no meaning. Arguably, even ignition as we know it could not exist. The electrons, the lightest particles involved, would tend to surround the other components of a neutron star, and devoid of their positively-charged partners, would tend to result in the most incredible electrical storm you can imagine as they fight and jostle to seek out and link up with a positively charged particle where none exist. It is this frenzied electrical activity that creates the light, heat and other forms of radiation put out by these anomalies.

The Ten Wands tends to come out when the querent is crushed under the weight of their responsibilities, when their life no longer has the strength to stand up against the gravity and the immense masses of people's expectations. It manifests at those time when one can't go on but doesn't dare stop, knowing they'll never be able to start again if they do stop. Like a Neutron Star, all the weight of the world has descended on one, and gravity has taken an inexorable hold, slowly crushing one into oblivion.
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