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My first impression of this card was much different than others'. I immediately saw the opening to the vagina. The secret cave of passion and love. I see the fruits at the bottom, perfectly ripe and juicy. I think this card is incredibly beautiful. I think the woman's body is incredibly beautiful. This cards reminds me of how beautiful I feel when I make love with my boyfriend and he gazes on me and tells me how beautiful I am.

What appear as the thighs opening up are also sides of a valley. There are natural stairs in the stone that climb to the top of the mountain. Pictured in the mountain are couples making love. Beautiful passionate love.

The Empress is at the base of all this. There are roots at the bottom near where she sits. These spoke of the root chakra to me that keeps us grounded and feeling secure here on Earth. The fruit is at the peak of ripeness. So juicey and sweet. One more day and it will be too much, but today it is perfectly ripe and sweet.

The opening to the vagina looks soft and velvety to me. It reminds me of the sea animal that has all of the long legs and looks more like a plant. All of these legs swoosh back and forth with the tide inviting the fish to come in where they will be devoured.

This card would read to me beauty, passion, love, ripeness, welcoming, birth, and life in general. It is also about sensations and feeling.
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