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Smile Anyone familiar with Georgia O'Keefe?

I've just recently acquired the Petersen deck (the maroon bordered one!) and have begun to study it. This study group has been a wonderful resource; I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. However, when I got to the Empress, I really thought all I'd find would be about six lines containing a phrase something like. . ." a striking composition using all the elements of modern feminist iconography." Which it does.

As near as I can tell, the central object is a pomegranate flower representing the central idea of the Empress much better than a Sheila. (Georgia O'keefe's paintings of flowers are sometimes just flowers. Other times they very closely resemble female genitalia. Well, think about what a flower really is, after all.)

The rest of it's pretty standard: hills representing legs (terraced for agriculture farther back) and mountains for breasts at the top of the picture. The seated woman seems to be gathering a little of the nectar from the flower for herself (I guess each of us do) and her hair rises up to blend with the fertile hillsides. Red hair, red earth. Then rising from the deep, black earth are two more flowers (yes, they look like pomegranates but looking closely you can see that they have pistils and stamins) making a total of III. The central flower is placed where a very pregnant belly usually is usually found in pictures of this sort.

See Genetti's Wheel of Change, the Judgement card, and Daughters of the Moon "Celebration" card for other examples of the type.
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