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As someone else did, I have worked on my Thoth deck's 8 of Wands because I think it is more related to my interests and because I didn't want to rely on a black and white image. Besides, it has appeared in a wisdom reading I am having this week, so it comes at the right time.

Thoth 8S is called swiftness, expresses the energies of Hod in Atziluth (creative world), and of Mercury in Sagittarius.
There are three visible pyramids (plus I suspect there is a fourth underneath) multicolored, with 8 red rays that recall electricity spreading from the centre to 8 of the corners of the pyramids. Over this figure, a very simple and plain rainbow.


As my recent past:
Action (the rays) must take into account each side (corners) of the situation to have an happy ending (rainbow). Impulses to action must be refined and sublimated, instead of being expressed as they are. Having obtained (after much delay) what I was after (a step towards a greater o jective), it is not the time to act, as we like the situation as it is and don't want disruption at the moment).
Maybe it can also indicate to differentiated. Having obteined what I had be working for, now it needs its time to work. I can better use this time taking care ofone of the other seven rays to see if there is anything else that can be improved while my last achievement comes to maturation and results.

As an obstacle:
The zigzag on the rays convey to me the idea of a compression, of a force that would reach further were it allowed to do so. What determines their extension is the positions of the visible apexes of the pyramids. The pyramids are emerging to me now as our perception of the situation, so the obstacle could be some error in perception, that makes us position the apexes of the pyramids in the wrong place, thus determining an error in the grade of compression we apply to our fiery impulses; that results in the plane of manifestation as our obstacle.
This leaves without the rainbow, but to me that symbol pertains to the positive aspects of the card.

As a strength:
The opposite of the above.. if we get right the sublimation of those fiery energy, success is resulting, and here yes, the rainbow makes sense in all its glory.. To have the strenght of sublimating our fiery impulses, (that are the harder to control, due to their very nature) and always act with the right amount of intensity required by the situation at hand. A good aim to look up to.

As a purpose in life:
Setting (and keeping) my oversized astrological Mercury: in a Sagittaarian mood would certainly be a great task to accomplish. As said above, I think fiery energies, being concerned with uproaring impulses at their very birth, activity, quickness, are to me the most complicated to fine-tune for sublimation. So the good results depicted in the card as this task is accomplished represent to me an achievement worth of being pursued.

As fears regarding the buying of a house:
I am being inspired to say: trouble with electrical appliances!


Getting back to my chosen card: Thoth Atu XXI, Universe.

As what I need the most to look at:
the new phase that I am entering. It is definitely starting but I need to choose up the secondary goals, because I don't want to have too much espectations over the relationship with my daughter. I might well have lost the train and it would only be fair enough.

In three different positions:
AS THE SITUATION: this moment when a chapter is closing and highlight will shift on another facet of me: maternity. It gives me the sense of forecasting success, as is part of the human nature and this time I feel it can come spontaneously.
AS DESIRES: my goodwill to be the best I can be and all the good automatism it sets in motion. The will to be whole and never again wear any mask to please someone else.
WHAT I CAN LEARN OF THE SITUATION: This is something that I am actually learning over and over, enjoying it every time better and better: the process of reinventing myself. I am very good at it, and every time that I do it, I am scared it might be the last time. Now let`s step into the new me of the family gal. See how long it lasts.. I bet the usual 8-10 years, yes, by then Kiara will be grown up and willing to start her own family, my parents will be reincarneting (hopefully at the far end of the planet.. half joking here) and I will be 44-47 yo, free as a bird, and ready to go and bring my free spirit someplace else to start a new chapter once more...
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