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Perfection by antiscion ?

A chart i cast for a friend of mine, i'm sure has a perfection by antiscion....just don't want to tell her wrong so need confirmation.

Moon is 1 35" virgo, querent is sun 23.09" aquarius, and the person in question is saturn at 25 32" sagg, this was a "Is he still going to be taking me out this weekend" Question. As he's supposed to be taking her out this weekend for valentines, but she hasn't heard from him all day.

She's sun, and the sun is applying to sextile with saturn, but this is in a couple of days i not too sure that this is relevant in regards to the question.

Ive noted that saturn's antiscion is at 4.28" capricorn, and when the moon moves approx 3 degrees, she will trine saturn's antiscion.

Moon is in the 1st house, and does conjunct north node prior to this aspect with the antiscion, so i'm viewing these as being positive.

So going on this antiscion is this a perfection ?.....

If so, i would then be thinking that in approx 3 hrs time from when i cast the chart she will hear from L.

Just to add: saturn is sat in the 5th house, as 5th can mean socializing etc, then it could be that he still has the intentions of this with her.
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