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counting 6 impossible things before breakfast
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counting 6 impossible things before breakfast

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This is one of my favorite threads here in Tarot Spreads. I really love two card spreads. They work great for oracle decks and tarot, or even mixed readings. Here are a few more:

The Ball and Chain Spread (2) by Glass Owl
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1. The Ball: What you are carrying around
2. The Chain: Why you can't let go of it


Bittersweet Spread (2)
Source: Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot LWB


1. "Give me something sweet"
This card shows the "sweetness" of the situation: its pleasures, potential for happiness, benefits or gifts.

2. "Give me something bitter"
This card shows you the "bitterness" in the situation: possible loss or damage, emotional upsets, the costs and consequences.

Weigh the bitter against the sweet and make your own decision about how to proceed.
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