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Working with multiple trees

I've long felt that the Kircher tree of life is somewhat arbitrary and could be improved, but I've had difficulty breaking out of that tradition simply because that glyph had become so overwhelmingly popular as to be almost standard. I don't necessarily think that there exists a single correct model, so I've always felt that the arbitrariness of the Kircher tree ought to be more or less outweighed by the near-universal acceptance it receives. I've also done some work with the Lurianic and Gra trees (the latter being a personal favorite), and have developed my own version of the tree akin to a Gra tree with slightly different correspondences on the vertical paths.

One difficulty I have, though, is that regardless of which tree I'm working with, it feels incomplete. (Part of this may be the absence of the Qliphoth; I'm aware of them hovering in the periphery of my vision, waiting to be explored, but haven't yet done any in-depth work with them and don't expect to do so for several more years to come). The Qliphoth aside, I think that one of the main reasons I feel like something is always lacking is that the trees have wildly different but equally valid representations of the relationship between man and the divine. The Gra tree is all well and good for balance, but it's crap when it comes to exploring the archetype of the Fall.

So my question: do any of you juggle multiple versions of the Tree of Life and work with them separately? If so, how do you balance them? Or do you prefer to just pick a single tree and stick to it (and if this is the case, have you never felt like your tree was lacking)?
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