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Different trees

I have used the kirscher tree, the qlippoth tree and Isaac Luria's tree and for me, using the different models helps me discern what I find arbitrary or not.

The qlippoth tree corresponded to kirscher's, but was a way of balancing out the two dimensional feeling of Kirscher's.

Another approach which I found interesting by difference was Samael Aun Weor who attributes the major arcana to the sephiroth, using gematria for numbers above 10. His deck and approach differ radically from the GD and Luria's, but are steeped in the same occult symbolism, Tetragrammaton, Kabbalah etc.

I began by grounding myself in Crowley's model, but as you say, this was at least in part due to the correspondences that are available for that particular tree.

Working with the other trees and Samael's different approach has broadened my thoughts towards Crowley's model and has been helpful in offering alternative perspectives, but I do tend to only work with one tree at a time just to be kind to the pea brain.

For me it helps in a 'you must create your own system or be enslaved by another man's' kind of way.
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